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User rating:, 80, New User Ranks. You delete your profile, and change your nameYou delete your profile. Now you dont feel so good about yourself anymore. The only reason why you want to be a Stardoll star is because it is a big dream, but you cant just let yourself lose for the big dream thats in store for you. You decide that you wont do it any longer now that its too late. You decide to change your name to something else. The only thing you decide to change in your profile is your nickname. New nickname:You decide to change your nickname to:After a long time of deliberation and thinking about it, you decide to change your nickname to a nickname of you. Youre glad that you chose to be honest with yourself. You never really had a reason of why you chose to be a name like that, you just thought it was something to have fun with. Its hard to create a unique username for you, but you manage to do it. After all is said and done, youre ready for the red carpet. Everyone gathers to see and hear what everyone is wearing. Lets all hear how pretty we all are, shall we.

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