Dragon Maleficent was a dragon form of Maleficent that first …

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The young man, who is quite young-looking for a person of your age, is currently in the middle of talking to you. You quietly say, trying to keep your voice as neutral as possible. With his words, the man leaves you alone with the brothel owner and you head back to your room. After getting undressed and heading to the bathroom, you head back to the room where the young man was and you tell him what the stranger told you. The young man nods his head at you while you explain the rest of what occurred. He sounds like he has some experience as a mercenary on the battlefield so he gives you his help in your quest. Well there at least is a mercenary with a desire to take down the evil sorcerer. You and the young mercenary spend several days working together. The young mercenary does a good job of helping you to take down one of the dragons. He also provides you with information as to where the sorcerer is supposed to be. Re working with the mercenary, you begin to grow a bit more comfortable in this new environment. Re actually having to look out for yourself. Re also getting to know the young man a bit, he does seem to be very helpful and is actually quite talkative. In your conversation with the young man, you also get a little closer to him, so close that you almost touch his face.

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