Dr Alex George hits back at troll after brother’s death

Dr Alex George revealed a vile troll sent him a cruel message on Instagram after he went for a seaside walk following his brother’s death. 

The former Love Island star, 29, had shared a short snap of his walk by the coast, telling his followers it was: ‘Good for the soul’. 

Alex tragically lost his younger brother Llyr last month, and has documented his grief on social media following the awful news. 

However, one troll targeted his walk on the beach, writing to him in his DMs: ‘’your brother is dead get off social media’. 

Alex screengrabbed the comment and wrote: ‘Imagine being this person. I’m holding by a thread and you get people like this.’

He added: ‘I am honest and open with you all. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

‘There is so much that isn’t shared online of course. So many of you are so kind and message me each day with well wishes.

‘I often post to let you know I am still going strong x’.

Dr Alex had told his followers last month that Llyr had died following a battle with his mental health, and his funeral took place on Monday.

He told his followers: ‘Yesterday I said goodbye to my little brother Llŷr. It was the hardest day of my life.

‘Except it wasn’t goodbye. Llŷr, your dream was to become a doctor, you will live that dream. Every patient I see, we will do it together, you and I.

‘Your favourite passion is cars, every time I am out driving, I know you will be there laughing and smiling with me.

‘I love you so much Llŷr, you are always with me, my boy.’

Alex also revealed that Llyr was going to follow in his footsteps and train to be a doctor, having been accepted into medical school. 

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