Donald Trumps team is embarking on an effort to line up talent and performers …

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S still time to do something now. Think about how much time you have before the deadline. You could act and save a bunch of money. You could act and let Donald Trump have the chance to become President by default. You could act and let Bill Clinton steal the spotlight and save yourself embarrassment and potential backlash at the awards ceremony. You let Donald Trump winWhen you think about it, the only thing better than not being an actor is being a patsy in the hands of the guy you just supported in the last election. T let this country be governed by a man who condones and encourages domestic terrorism and who thinks 911 was caused by the governments fear of the American people. T let this country be governed by a man who can be bought and sold like a slave. You pack up your stuff and start making plans. You leave the hotel early the day of the event. You make sure you know your way to the best places to park and that you have all your extra water and snacks. You start figuring out your route the night before. Re confident that you can get to the Lincoln Memorial without any issues. Ve got time to get an early start if you need to. You walk through the hotel lobby to the elevator that will take you up to your floor. T too many places to stay in the downtown area that you know of, and finding a place to crash would probably involve finding a place to park.

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