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But Donald Trumps contemptible, impertinent contrast with Barack Obamas initiative, brilliant, gorgeous, a class all, from, him, makes, this, a challenging, a dire time in, a life that never, succeeds, so this, a night to recombine, restore. Donald Trump s speech will make You go to the inaugurationYou decide to spend your first night in Washington DC as you think a part of the governments responsibility is to ensure that we stay connected to the people. You make your way to the National Mall and find yourself in a sea of humanity. It doesnt take you long to get lost in the crowd and once you are in place you begin to be overwhelmed with the feeling of being part of a giant mass of bodies. A few of the young men you pass are actually talking to you and you ask if they know where you are. Yeah, we are in the area, but we got people all around the area. We cant get to you if you are not looking in the right direction. Can you find me if I am lost. The National Mall is an interesting place to be in as all of the people here are extremely familiar to you. It is as if you are in a room full of people you are comfortable with. You begin to look around and realize that you should be going the opposite direction. That way you can get to the other side of the city and back. As you continue to look around the crowd is beginning to thin out as the hours pass and the crowds thin out. This area of the city you should be going to is very small; however, you are sure that there is something else behind that door. A large group of people who you know to be in this area are beginning to move around and make other plans for the night. Look behind you, look behind you. No we are not moving, so shut up. They have heard you, but you do not know why. You take the initiative by trying to explain what is going on to yourself. You continue to stare ahead of you like you are speaking to a small child. I am on a train, I am on a train go down to the end.

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