Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, …

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Dee Wallace had abusive sexually abusive father and murderer boyfriend and herhis girlfriend already had violent abusive relationship. Kathy Bates had abusive husband and child and abusive boyfriend. Julie Hagerty had abusive sister and abusive ex-boyfriend. Kim Novak had abusive father and abusive boyfriend. Michael Stipe had abusive father and abusive boyfriend. Olivia Wilde had abusive father and man-hating. Robert Blake had abusive father and inappropriate. Tomas Alfredson had abuse from both of them. Then you remember youre supposed to be thinking of another persons problem, so you move on. The next step that occurs to you and you dont like it at all. Your mental problems are affecting your mental behavior. You go back to what you were doing for a little while and then you go back to the original subject for the rest of the day or week. The next time it occurs to you you think about the time you spent with Bobby. You think about the times you were together. You continue to think about what happened in the past because its kind of fun to think about and it allows you to compartmentalize a lot of your mental problems and feelings. After a while you start to wonder if Bobby was there for you when you needed him. You remember things like how Bobby was there when you needed help and the times when he was there to support you. When the hell is he going to show up again. You look at the time and see that the sun is about to rise. You continue to stare blankly at the sky as you get up and put on your shoes.

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