‘Doesn’t go down well’ Jamie Dornan details fears about reaction to Oscar buzz around him

Jamie Dornan reveals his 'two week rule' when filming

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Visibly embarrassed about the “Oscar buzz” around him for his upcoming film Belfast, 39-year-old Jamie Dornan has confessed: “In Ireland, you can’t be too impressed by your own success. It doesn’t go down well. “You almost have to be detrimental about it.”

In Ireland, you can’t be too impressed by your own success

Jamie Dornan

He added to the Radio Times: “I admire Americans for taking ownership of that sort of thing – ‘we’re great, watch this, look at us’.

“It doesn’t come naturally to people from home.”

For that reason, Jamie has so far been quite self-deprecating about his success.

He is also taking care not to fall prey to arrogance by believing that TV could be beneath him.

Jamie has appeared in major films, including the Sofia Coppola-directed Marie Antoinette in 2006, and more recently the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, a huge release which earned around $1.32 billion.

However, the former model and widely celebrated heart-throb also once played a creepy serial killer in BBC drama The Fall.

Therefore as far as TV versus film is concerned, he is keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

He explained: “If Meryl Streep’s knocking out a couple of limited series every year, there’s no one left above that who can think that television’s beneath them any more.”

He also speculated that it has become the dominant format to many, adding: “If you’re at a dinner party or having a pint with your friends, and talking about what you’re watching, for the most part, it’s all TV.”

“There’s so much good stuff on television right now: we are so spoilt for choice,” he praised.

“[However] you’ve also got that ability now where if you’re not enjoying it, you move on to the next thing.”

He branded that aspect of working in the industry “sad” and slightly “dangerous”.

“How many times do we watch stuff and say, ‘I wasn’t sure – it took me three episodes to get into it’?” he elaborated.

“But it’s still hard to get stuff made.

“If you’ve got to the stage of getting it made, chances are there’s something good in there, and you’ve just got to give it a chance.”

He is hoping fans will do exactly that when it comes to his latest cinematic offering, a new coming-of-age film titled Belfast.

It will detail the experiences of a young boy growing up in Northern Ireland in the late 1960s, amid a turbulent political environment.

The 1960s might not be something Jamie can relate to personally, but the film is expected to take inspiration from director and producer Sir Kenneth Branagh’s early life.

The film also carries some other big names including actress Judi Dench.

Belfast will be released in UK cinemas on January 21st 2022.

Meanwhile, you can catch Jamie’s Radio Times interview in full in the current issue.

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