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You need to stop as you run into one of those. You, the No-Walking and No-Making-Footsteps Rules, the Be-Focused and Be-Neutral Rules, all of them, just to be cruel. For the rest of this week, youll wake up in time to brush your teeth before being taken upstairs where your father checks and is satisfied with the results. After that, you and your sister are left to your own devices in your new world of convenience. The EndThe rest of the family is still asleep, so you get out of bed, and go downstairs to get ready. In your experience, your father has a habit of waking up whenever he wants to make something happen. Youre not sure why, but it seems to go on and on every single day. The only thing thats different this time is hes not standing in the kitchen with a large stack of papers in one hand and what looks to be a huge wrench in the other. Your father stands before you, with a large butchers knife in his hand. As hes talking, he keeps the knife pointed at you, and he just keeps staring at you. In your mind, youre ready to just run, but at the same time, you dont want to just run. You stand still, not knowing what to do in this situation. If he was going to kill you, hed do it already. He asks back, looking at you strangely. Your father starts slowly approaching you, and with every second he spends near you, the closer he gets. Youre not going anywhere until youre ready to let go, arent you.

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