DJ Who Mistook Cardi B for Nicki Minaj Issues Apology After Tense Club Moment Goes Viral

In a clip he shares on social media, DJ Will insists that he ‘never meant any disrespect’ to the ‘Bodak Yellow’ raptress and says that he feels ‘horrible’ about his ‘mistake.’

AceShowbizDJ Will is showing remorse after he mistook Cardi B for Nicki Minaj at Richie Romero’s Wonderland club in New York City. Following the tense moment that went viral, the NYC-based DJ issued an apology.

The DJ took to Instagram on Thursday night, May 12 to say sorry to the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker. “I didn’t want a day to go by without giving my side of the story about what happened last night in the club with Cardi B,” he began. “I just want to clear the air.”

“Last night, in the club, a promoter/manager passed me along information to shout-out, and unknowingly, I ran with it. I never meant any disrespect to Cardi B, Offset, their family, friends, or fans in any way shape or form,” DJ Will continued. He further noted that “it was an honest mistake” and he “[feels] horrible about it.”

DJ Will added, “Normally, that’s something that I would never do. I always check and double-check information, but I was caught up in what I thought was a hip-hop moment.” He went on saying, “I accept my responsibility for what happened and send my heartfelt apologies to Cardi B and Offset.”

The DJ later responded to Cardi’s comments that he intentionally set up the incident. “I meant no malice, it was definitely no setup,” he pointed out. “In that club, from the DJ booth, the view is very obstructed. And I was trusting on what other people were telling me all night long about who was in the club and what was going on, and that was a big mistake, clearly.”

“It is definitely not the way that I wanna go viral. Again, my sincere apologies to Cardi B and Offset,” DJ Will noted. He concluded his statement as saying, “What happened was wack on all levels and I’m pissed off that my name is a part of that. I wish I could take it back.”

On Wednesday, May 11 event, DJ Will, could be heard screaming, “Shout out to Nicki Minaj in the muthaf**ka building, let’s go!” He continued exclaiming, “Nicki let’s f**k it up, let’s go!” before playing “Do We Have A Problem?”, Nicki’s recent collaboration with Lil Baby.

Cardi was initially unbothered by the incident, proceeding to take a sip of Corona. However, Offset was visibly upset as he stared at the DJ booth seriously. Later, the “WAP” femcee took a mic and yelled at the DJ, urging him to stop the music. “What’s good? How the f**k y’all doing tonight? Are we gonna turn the f**k up?” she said.

“Who’s in the building tonight? … We with all the f**king smoke you heard,” Cardi stressed. Speaking to the DJ, she asked, “We getting dangerous tonight? DJ are we getting f**king dangerous tonight? … F**k outta here.” She later threw the mic away as the DJ began to play her hit smash “WAP” ft. Megan Thee Stallion.

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