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Xls You upload your SVG files to your websiteYou put your SVG files in a new file called SVG. Then you save them and rename them to something appropriate, such as mybeauty. You upload your SVG files to your website. You get an email saying you have an attachment. Open it up in a graphics program such as Illustrator. You open the SVG file in IllustratorYou open up Illustrator and you see your SVG file. Your mouth moves, your eyes squint, your face flushes. You stare at your SVG file for a while, trying to work out its purpose, but nothing is happening, so you move on. Youre pretty sure that youve had the SVG file open on your computer for about an hour, in case youre wondering, Illustrator isnt your thing. You look at the screenshot in your window, or whatever device youre using, You open up your window and youre at the bottom of the image. You change to a larger scale, You have a big screen. You change your windows screen resolution to something more suitable, like 1024 x 768. But you dont see anything different. No animation, no logos, no eye-squinting, no lip-flicking, nothing. You move further up the screen, Thats a little more powerful than 1024 x 768 As you move the screen to something more suitable, the face moves up and down and around a little bit. You take another screenshotYou take a second screenshot of the logo. It turns out the logo doesnt seem to have too many edges and is the right size. Youre not quite sure what to make of it yet. You open up the SVG file againYou open up your SVG file and it changes to a face. You get another big screen, 1024×768 but this time its the second face with the big mouth. At first its cute, then a little weird, then its creepy. You look at the SVG file again, in case the face was too weird for youYou open up your SVG file again and its cute again. Youre wondering if theres something weird in the SVG file at the moment.

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