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You try to write backWhen you look through your messages, you get a message from Selena saying you can join her and her brother Zach on an Instagram photo shoot, and a few seconds later, you get another one from her:This is Miley Cyrus. You have had a few chats with her, a couple of pictures and more messages. She is, as she has been said, a huge fan of yours and from the looks of you, a singer. This is of interest to you, so you open the messages. I like your lyrics, she writes back, then adds the following information:I was wondering what kind of music you like. We could make a collab album of songs. Im inWould you be open to some sort of meeting. If so, Im going to be going to Los Angeles soon, so maybe we could do this then. Yeah, sounds good to me, you reply. You get some more messages, though not as many as Selenas, and finally you get one from your sister: Hey man, youre busy. Let me have my brothers cell so I can text him. Its my birthday tomorrow so Im really excited.

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