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You continueYou continue to browse the Ulta Hair Salon and learn more about the services offered. You begin to learn about the products that can be purchased. You learn that the services offered by the Ulta Salon are similar to those offered at the Beauty Bar at another store. You leaveYou leave the Ulta Hair Salon and return home. You spend the rest of the day looking over the products that can be purchased from the Ulta Salons. The beauty salon service at Ulta may be similar to that offered by the Beauty Bar, but you see that there is something to be gained even if you were to use the Beauty Bar. For example, Ulta Beauty Bar provides a salon service with a fee. You see, even if you did not want a salon service with a fee, Ulta Beauty Bar still provides the salon service with a fee and allows you to enjoy the beauty services without paying for a fee. You also see that while you pay for salon services with a fee, you can have your hair and skin bleached without paying for a fee to the salon. The beauty service is the same even if you chose to purchase bleaching products. So, Ulta may have a higher cost for cosmetics than other cosmetics stores, but there is a benefit to this high cost. You are in the store a few more hours and then you return to the Ulta Beauty Bar to see what is available. This time, you have a hair and skin service without paying for any kind of fee. You begin to think about how you have chosen to spend your money and wonder if going to the Ulta Beauty Bar made any difference to your decision. You leave the hair and skin services without paying for the salon service. You continueAs the evening goes on you take a break from Ulta as you spend the time enjoying yourself with the entertainment provided at home. However, you become aware that you are not enjoying yourself. You are finding the entertainment at Home more interesting. That is when you realize that your behavior is not making you happy. You have become bored and that is causing you to consider your relationship. You realize that you need to leave Ulta and spend time with friends, family and coworkers. You begin to have the urge to leave and head to Home. You decide that it will be best to take a cab to Home. You decide to pay your cab driver a tip and spend the tip money on a pizza. You decide to pay your cab driver a.

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