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May 7Scroll down to read about the most famous May birthdays. IconsA few of our icons come in the category of celebrities and celebrities born on certain dates, as we all know The icons above are the most popular icons here in our forum. We usually have people here from all over the world who love them. So why not share them with us. You never fail to impress at work, which is probably why you made it your mission to go to New York City to perform at the annual Halloween Ball. You arrived at the event, which is held by the famous Halloween Ball Family as a costume party rather than a traditional Halloween party, late on Saturday night. The party begins around midnight in a large warehouse filled with costumes; the venue looks like the set of a high-budget Hollywood horror movie. By the time the first guests arrive, the place is a virtual sea of red, white and blue. A line snakes along the buildings outside perimeter and around back to reach what looks like an enormous, open-seating Halloween-themed bar in the heart of the warehouse. As you approach the place, it begins to get dark. The event is held in the basement of the massive Hyatt Regency in SoHo, an area filled with upscale bars and restaurants. The Hyatts front windows are covered with a giant Halloween-themed banner, so you are the first person outside to see you arrive. A bouncer from the event tells you to wait in line to enter the event, but you dont really give a shit, and you just want to get inside the bar. Despite the fact that the crowd is small and the event is sold out, the inside of the bar is filled with people. The place is very lively as usual and you bump into a few people you know from high school and college, including Sarah, who is now dating Alex. Others you havent seen since you graduated. Just a few hours ago, you were a single, depressed twenty-something. Now, you are not only single, but also a model looking to start your new career. With your new found confidence, you are determined to take home all the candy you can. Not caring if you have a boyfriend to go with it, you walk into the bar to meet a bunch of very cool people. You take your place at the bar, and a few minutes later, you take your first sip of your Halloween punch, which tastes like a mix of rum and orange juice.

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