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The most popular answers are Lisa Kudrow, Edie Falco, Lisa Rinna. Anon 95190 Kudrow and Rinna were the most talked about on twitter this week. Anon 95192 The most talked about actresses this week were Rinna and Falco, which both had replies with over 2000 retweets. Most popular answers were Falcos, Rinnas, and Kudrows, respectively. ARCHIVED Discovered: 243 -2013 06:05:14 Ended: 243 -2013 19:50:01 Flashes: 1 Posts: 11FileStarsky. 05 MB, H Anon 944395 Star trek shit Anon 944395 Star trek shit Anon 944398 A Star trek joke. Anon 944409 Im not seeing whats funny about that. You must not be aware of all that exists in this world. Im surprised youre not an alcoholic or in some sort of drug rehabilitation program. Anon 944515 This is the worst movie Ive seen in a long, long time. I think Im actually starting to feel nostalgia for it. Anon 944528 Oh wow, this is pretty darn funny. Anon 944530 Oh God, what the fuck is this garbage. Im not even going to bother reposting it due to a combination of its repulsive content, this boards well deserved reputation for being filthy, and the fact that it had my name on it. I mean I guess its not really an edgyhurtgross stuff, but it hurts my sense of humor so much to see this shit Anon 944559 This is like a cross between a bad movie and a trailer for the new The Walking Dead. ARCHIVED Discovered: 43 -2013 06:18:35 Ended: 43 -2013 16:36:29 Flashes: 1 Posts: 6FileStarsky.

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