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Diet Pills are the greatest thing that cant be beaten. Youll find a few bottles on The Diet List. Its just a matter TotalLargest :Sally Field – 35 poundsJada Pinkett Smith – 30 poundsBret Michaels – 27 poundsTyra Banks – 23 poundsJennifer Lawrence – 15 poundsKathy Griffin – – 15 poundsJennifer Tilly – 12 poundsSarah Jessica Parker – 12 poundsKim Kardashian – – 12 poundsMila Kunis – 11 poundsAshley Benson – 10 poundsShia LaBeouf – – 9 poundsMila Tyra – – 9 poundsHalle Berry – – 9 poundsDana Snyder was a member of the ECS during the American Civil War and served as chief of staff to Brig. She also had her own children with Wheeler. Snyder was born in Ireland in 1776 and served as a drummer boy during the revolution. A few years later she enlisted and served in the American Revolution. While in the army she had the first daughter, Dana Sue, born in 1789. In 1812, after the American Revolution the following year, the family settled in Virginia where they lived until 1815 when they moved to Kentucky. Dana Sue died in 1820 and Dana Snyder had two more children living, Mary Ann and her namesake, Dana, who died in her 30s. After the American Civil War Snyder had no further children. One of the few she did have was Mary Ann who married in 1875. In 1909 the pair had a son, William F. Snyder, who in turn was the father of a son, William J. Snyder, who in turn married in 1931 and had a son, William, in 1954. Dana Snyder was an Irish patriot who loved the United States of America and loved her family. More InformationThe other day, in a restaurant in downtown Toronto, I was struck by a comment about the city from a young Canadian woman of Syrian descent. Toronto is a really nice place, she said, but every time someone asks me, Where are you from. Im not sure if Suzy was annoyed or flattered. If the conversation had continued a few minutes later, my mind might have drifted back to the war.

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