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The above article, which was posted Decemon the blog of a Canadian citizen living in the United States, describes an interesting phenomenon in Canada today. The Canadian Government has decided to take action to stop the illegal entry of illegals into the country. This is an attempt by Canada to stop the flood of illegal immigrants pouring into this country from the United States. Department of Homeland Security, DHS, recently announced that Canada will no longer be considered a safe haven for aliens attempting to illegally enter the country. The Canadian government has taken steps to protect Canadians by blocking all illegal immigrant crossing points into Canada. Re not a Canadian citizen, there will be no inspection of your documents, there will be no verification of your identity. When border officials discover that someone is not a citizen of a country they are not allowed entry into that country, or if they are a citizen of a country but not allowed to enter into that country, they are called to be interviewed. A Canadian official will ask you a series of questions. We have never refused entry to a Canadian citizen, though our border guards do check identification. Canadian citizens have always been allowed into the country. If you are a citizen of a country that we have refused entry to, you can get in without a paper. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you will have to present a birth certificate, passport, or other identification in order to enter the country. S Minister of Immigration and the implication that Canadians will be turned away because of illegal immigration, is not true. If it was, then every country in the world would be doing the same thing, because as mentioned, the United States has the most problems with illegals. S been announced that Canadians are no longer allowed to enter into Canada, unless they have a valid U. And you can imagine that even the most ardent supporters of open borders do not want border guards stopping them because of the visa situation. The article continues: The border guards will refuse entry to anyone who has not obtained a valid U. This is not a decision that was made lightly, but according to Canadian officials, the United States has not been able.

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