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Rating:, Good, StoryCharacters: 4, Excellent, Art: 5, Very Good, Sound: 5, Good, Total: 10, Outstanding, This movie is amazing, not only in terms of graphics, and music, but also in terms of animation, and the special effects used. The story is very interesting, it was a little hard to follow at times at the end, but once you get used to the story, its very enjoyable. The characters are very well developed, and the scenes showing the story that happened before the film is very interesting. This movie is also very well animated, and I believe it is up to the same standards like the ones of the animated versions of Disneys animated films. Rating:, Excellent, StoryCharacters: 5, Outstanding, Art: 5, Very Good, Sound: 5, Good, Total: 9, Outstanding, One of the good points about this anime, is the story. This movie has a very good main story told, while still adding its own new episodes to the story. The plot that is developed in this anime is original and interesting since you find out alot about new characters, and it even gets pretty complicated at times. The art, however is a little too dark for someone without light sensitive colors, and it might not be appropriate to watch with some younger kids. The sound, while not outstanding, is just about perfect for this anime. Rating:, Excellent, StoryCharacters: 4, Outstanding, Art: 5, Very Good, Sound: 5, Good, Total: 8. 5, Outstanding, This anime is the second major step for the main story of the movie Princess Mononoke. While the art and sound is similar to the previous one, Kikis Delivery Service the storyline is a little different, and it has a few more episodes to it. The story in this movie is a little more light-hearted though, it doesnt have much gore, and its not a very serious anime, but it has been a popular movie in Japan for its very good plot and great animation, so its good enough for me to rate it with out a star, but you can still be upset by some of the endings since its very emotional. Rating:, Good, StoryCharacters: 2, Outstanding, Art: 4, Very Good, Sound: 5, Good, Total: 9, Outstanding, It might be hard to believe, but this anime is good and not just average. It may not have a main character, but the story is very good, and its very original with a lot of twists and turns in it. If you liked the first movie, youll probably like this one, but I wouldnt say.

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