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Stars Denham Springs Beauty CollegeRating: 4. 3 StarsDenham Springs Beauty College in Denham Springs, Louisiana is rated 4. 3 stars on Google, putting it just behind a college thats in Florida. The college has about 759 reviews on Google so you might want to skip it. The college offers certificate programs in cosmetology, hair styling, nail services, makeup and pedicures. There are five residential colleges and three online colleges. The college does have a strong reputation across the country for its accredited degree programs and for its students success. However, you cant help but notice that the college doesnt seem to be very well connected. Youre not even sure what the schools phone number is. This place seems pretty cool, but a 4. 3 star rating isnt even enough to get you to sign up. You sign up for Denham Springs Beauty CollegeSo far the college seems like it might be pretty good. And it seems like you could use the money. 3 star Denham Springs Beauty College seems like a way for you to help pay for your studies. You sign up for Denham Springs Beauty CollegeThe four stars on the sign in page are only a sign to the college that you are serious about the sign up, and to keep you on the phone indefinitely to keep you on the line. When you sign up for a college you have to answer some questions about yourselves. The most important question is about your plans for college; you dont even know what that question is asking. Youre not really a college student anymore because you dont even have a campus to get a degree at and you have little to no money for college. The college just signed you up with the hope that youll pay them back some day. The next question is a lot of fun, asking you to rate yourself on a five point scale. For the most part you havent been really around the internet since the internet sucked your brains out. Before you had to read the same thing over and over and you had really poor Internet access. You can only imagine how much worse it is now. The final question on the sign in page asks if youre actually going to go to university. Most people havent gone to college, so the answer isnt really surprising. This is the last time you get a phone call from the college. When you pick up, youre greeted by a guy with a Southern drawl that says he is the colleges director. Youre confused by his tone, but you hang up and tell him what happened.

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