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We even get to look at a couple of our other favorites. Like, the guy who is going to have the biggest impact on the state of Colorado. Clyde, and I think the one thing that everybody on our list agrees on is that. I mean, I already know hes a Denver Broncos fan, and a Broncos linebacker. Then how come you never know anything else about him. Cause I think the best way to get to the bottom of this is first to start asking some questions of yourself. But you may not be familiar with him, so why dont we start in the living room. It was a tough decision, but okay, lets get started. I actually dont know that much about my father, except hes from somewhere in the Central Time Zone. Its not like I have any real family there. How come your mother says shes from Central Time Zone. I suppose I should know where your mother and brother and sister all live. And where your father lives, too if youre wondering. Why do you need that information so badly. I mean, I told you I have no family in the state and my brother is an artist. Just, you know, for my own privacy and to make it easier for me should the fact that I have to travel more than I would like to in the future. But how do you know where the Broncos play. I dont have to know every single address in the state. And you wont ever talk about your father. Well, youre the only one I think who can help me.

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