Demi Lovato Teases New Rock Hit "Substance"

Demi Lovato’s punk rock hits just keep on coming.

The singer teased a new single from their upcoming album, HOLY FVCK, via Instagram yesterday, sharing the album’s cover art, as well as a video of them singing along to the track titled “Substance.” In the clip, they wear a black zip-up sweatshirt and minimal makeup.

“I know we’re all fucking exhausted / Am I in my head or have we all lost it? / So I ask myself, ‘Am I the only one looking for substance?'” they sing.

The big reveal comes just weeks after Lovato dropped their first single of the album, “Skin of My Teeth.” In the song, they talk about living and struggling with addiction, and seem to reference their 2018 overdose by saying they escaped death and don’t know how they’re alive.

The first verse goes: “Demi leaves rehab again / When is this shit gonna end? / Sounds like the voice in my head / I can’t believe I’m not dead.”

HOLY FVCK, their eight studio album, is set to drop July 15.

“SUBSTANCE July 15th.🩸Pre-Save Now,” Lovato captioned the post.

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On June 9, Lovato celebrated the release of “Skin of My Teeth” in New York City’s Times Square, where a massive billboard featured a photo of them dressed in a full red latex outfit.

To the launch event, the singer wore black vinyl pants and a long-sleeved crop top. The pants had images of Sissy Spacek from Stephen King’s horror classic Carrie printed down each leg. They finished the edgy look with black platform boots, silver earrings, and black vinyl gloves. Their mullet was given the “wet look” treatment, and they opted for a bold smoky eye shadow look and a matte nude lip.

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