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You say and take a deep breath to calm yourself down. T feel completely safe however, as you have to walk through the apartment complex. Your feelings were right, you have no one here and no one to share your fears. Re shouting and beating on some old guy with a cane. Ve found the house of the family that murdered the girl but no. You look in the window of the door and see that the family is actually in the living room with a gun in their hands. T expect that the cultists were so well armed. One of the cultists even shoots his own sister as she tries to defend him. Luckily the girl that was raped is the only one here and she shoots the cultist who is trying to rape her as she attempts to run out of the house. S a bloody slaughter, and you run around and even climb down through the window and scream for help. You make it to the outside but then you hear the rest of the cultists running off. As you leave, you see two of them lying dead, two more lying unconscious on the pavement. You continue on and find another family who are actually helpful. One of them picks you up and carries you home. You say and start to explain to them what happened. T speak the same language, could you repeat what you just told us. M sorry for all the pain I caused you.

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