DECIEM is a boutique and exciting umbrella of beauty brands…

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In the end, your life is so much better now that the company has become a friend. You work for DECIEM, which provides you with a steady salary and benefits, a nice office, a large work area, and an extremely helpful assistant manager. You have a good time because you actually have friends that you can talk to and enjoy your own company. You leave DECIEMLife is just too good, you think. You leave DECIEM and try to find new work anywhere that will hire you. You are offered a job as a clerk, a position that requires little physical exertion other than having to stand around in a boring place all day. The clerk job requires you to sell a product that is supposed to make everything in the store more functional. The clerk has to wait in line and talk to customers, which you hate. It seems like life as a clerk would be a complete chore, an inescapable duty. However, in a strange twist of fate, you actually enjoy it more. You are working in a store that actually cares about customers and has something that is worth buying. You might as well be working at a real, living, breathing human being. The clerk job is only temporary and after a few weeks, you are told that DECIEM no longer needs you as a clerk and that you should move on to a new position. It was only a matter of time before DECIEM decided to move on from you if they could get a better worker right out of the gate. You have just turned 30 and you have finally moved on from what used to be a dead-end job. However, things are not quite as they seem. You are sitting at your desk with your newly bought-and-paid-for computer, trying to figure out the latest news, when a voice booms forth, DECIEM. You turn to look at the computer and see a holographic screen. Its your old acquaintance, the one who gave you this job with DECIEM. I know everything you did to get your job. He is about to get in a shouting match, but just cuts.

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