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She had been hospitalized after an illness that had lasted several years. The doctor had expressed satisfaction in her treatment. She had made the statement that she thought she should be included in the DeathList, since the DL was the only organization that treated her when she was sick and the only one that had even mentioned that she was in their care. Dont you think youre a little old for this sort of thing, Mrs. And so there were many of her who were killed that year, many of them being women. The Death ListAs you can see, you are now a celebrity in addition to being a victim. You have little idea how it began, and you have no clue why it is now ending in your death. You go back in timeThe time you are now in is a time of great social unrest in the world. The Hirsch Organization is the last remaining legal entity that is keeping the peace. There was a time when the police and the Army were in an effective alliance and a time when the Hirsch Organization was one of the many organizations in control of the police and military forces. As the years wore on, they began to fight against each other, and there was nothing the police could do about it except to arrest most of the organizations members and make arrests of their own. It had to keep everyones trust, and it couldnt let anyone know of its own illegal activity. Its leader Fredrick Hirsch was killed, and now there was a power vacuum. This time of chaos, this time of violence, this is the time of violence. Violence between the people in control and those you once trusted, and those who have always remained in the shadows. The people who have always followed the established order have now begun to kill those who have always respected their freedom and the values you have held most dear. Why fight these people, when you can just kill them all. You have no idea how or why you became this way. This is all a sham, and why would you want to go back in time to kill.

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