Death in Paradises Josephine Jobert addresses rumoured feud with former co-star

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Josephine Jobert sadly bid farewell to her beloved character Florence Cassell last week on Death in Paradise. However, in an unearthed clip, the star opened up about “false” rumours that she didn’t get along with a co-star from another project.

This came as a fan quizzed her over her friendship with Charles Templon.

The pair appeared together in the series Lightning back from 2007 until 2011.

She played Alice Watson in the show alongside Charles, but was quick to dismiss rumours of disagreements between them.

Speaking back in June 2021, Josephine took to social media to address this.

Appearing in a clip on her story, she said: “Someone’s asking a question about a series I’ve done years ago [sic].

“He wants to know if the rumours are true that my colleague and I did not get along.

“And of course the rumours are false.”

According to Hello! Magazine, she then went on to share several photos of the pair together.

She was keen to set the record straight that the pair were friends.

Alongside one snap, she wrote in French: “You will always be my little ‘crabinou’.”

Elsewhere, Josephine has recently shared her exit from the BBC series Death in Paradise.

In last week’s episode, viewers saw her saying goodbye to her colleagues at the Saint Marie police station.

Her character had been sent away on an undercover mission to Jamaica.

However, the operation was much more dangerous than any of the characters realised, meaning Florence had to leave Saint Marie.

On Tuesday, Josephine shared an insight into her “tearful” last day on set.

Posting on her Instagram, she shared several pictures of her saying goodbye to her co-stars.

This included a snap of her and her co-star Tahj Miles, who plays Marlon Pryce on the show.

She wrote: “The first photo still makes me emotional.

“It was my very last day on DIP, we were doing a photoshoot, knowing it would be the last time we’d spent together.

“I had to retain my tears because I had another very small scene to film before my final wrap.

“But I shared this moment with @tahjmiles and it was very difficult for me not to cry.

“He’s so precious. So precious… I just love this photo.”

The actress continued: “I wanted to share with you a few moments from that day.

“The second one is after Don did a very moving speech to say goodbye, in front of the whole crew.

“I wasn’t expecting this at all… And again, just thinking also it this also makes me want to cry.

“I will miss a lot of people from DIP. People you never see on screen.

“Bless you all and thank you for everything (the cake says « Thank you for everything Josie »).”

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