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In the past couple of years Ive started to get a little bored with these songs of mine. I know they are catchy but they are nothing compared to some of the songs that will be played out on the main stage on Saturday. M a little worried that the songs that are playing on the main stage on Saturday will rival or even exceed some of my older ones. I have created this petition because I want to see a live version of Days in the Sun played at the show. This song is by far one of the most popular tunes that was ever made. T imagine it will be any less popular on the main stage. As a lifelong fan of music this will be the best way that I can possibly get to see you all live for the first time and I believe that you all deserve that chance. I believe that the song is so popular that it should be released by Capitol Records, the record company that released many of the songs that made us fans grow up in the first place. In addition, I believe the song should be given the proper promotion, including radio play and the like. With a little bit of extra help from those of us behind the scenes here at the band, I believe that this song will be just what the fans have been waiting for. I believe that we will also be able to bring more people in to the fold of the band. I know that a lot of you are probably working on other projects right now. Others will be playing for their families that are probably asking them for a loan or something of the sort. We are hoping that when we are able to hit the road again, that we can play the song more. I know I will be getting caught up in the madness that Saturday night. I will keep you all posted on how things go. We are doing all of our tour booking to support the album from the album now. Thank you guys for your continued support. Our last show of the year will be at the very special show on Saturday night at The Castle in Salem. S being held at The Castle for one very good reason. It was created by the same studio in which the album was created, Capitol Records. I hope you can make it to the show on Saturday to support the last of.

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