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I mean, who wouldnt want to share some of the most treasured memories of your lives with some of the most treasured people in your lives. But then it wasnt just the band playing, but the whole scene as well. You were not related by blood, but you had two different mothers and two different fathers. For whatever reason, the whole ordeal of twin relationships were more difficult and emotional for you than the average pair of siblings. 5:When you turned three, your parents told you that you were twins and that you had to choose one of your parents to be your real one and one for your younger sister. For whatever reason, twinings turned out to be more difficult than the average pair of siblings, so you ended up choosing one of your parents to keep as your twin. It is amazing how much you can change in such a short period of time. You could be the most boring girl in the world, but you could be the most amazing sister in real life. Now that you have a real family, you are more comfortable with them as well. The only time you ever have trouble staying in contact with them is when they visit your house, but then you are always quick to greet them again. Your real family has been supportive of your love life. They always tried to keep their daughters choices a secret, but your mom told you that one of the reasons your dad was so overprotective was because he had wanted to keep you safe. He never expected you to marry some other guy, let alone the one you have. You have been dating one of your cousins since that first day you moved in with your real family. He is so much closer to you that he would be the first to pick you up from school and his mother always keeps you entertained. You have learned to deal with the pressure that comes with being in a relationship. You would like to think that your real parents would be proud of you, but the only time you ever get the real satisfaction from being with him, is if it is over with. Your real cousin even helped plan your wedding. Of course by his own wishes, You are now married to your real cousin. The only thing that might throw you a little bit of a wrench into your happy marriage is that your cousin is a bit of a gambler, however if that is the case you figure you could at least be a big success at your wedding with him as the.

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