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Get notified every time a celebrity comes out. Rate show less, Show 20 more results, enter number at the top of the page, :You know its always the end of the world when you start thinking about your last meal. Last week on the way back to your motel in a desperate attempt to get something to eat I was thinking about what I probably should have eaten the night before. I had a very late night watching the football game. In fact I did almost all of my shopping and prepared to go home early after the game since they usually play games for a couple hours longer than the rest of the town does so there was plenty of time. As I was walking down the sidewalk towards my front door I saw all of the people from the football game standing around at one of the local convenience stores. I was really hoping that one of them would take me inside to get me something to eat, but I probably would have to wait a while. When I got to my front door it was already starting to get dark so I probably wouldnt have any luck getting in any time soon. I tried to picture to myself what I was going to eat when I would finally get in the door, but I couldnt think of anything at all. As I was getting very impatient the door opened up and I could see my mom walk in. She got up and went to hug me as I started crying. I heard you were having a really hard time last night. She started to pat me on the back and pat my shoulder saying It will be alright, you just have to stay strong, you dont have to eat right now though, you can go outside and warm up. At this point I was completely drained of energy to even think about anything, and that was in the first place I was so tired last night that I hadnt even gone to sleep. Still I wanted to go outside and take a cold shower, so of course I made the decision to go outside the very second she said that to me. As I walked out into a nice sunny day with my new shoes and coat, I suddenly heard her come up from behind me. I just wanted to check that you were okay. I know you were having a hard time last night. I was so shocked that I didnt even pay attention to where she was going, I just went outside and ran into the back yard as I was saying that, but my mom caught me right in the ass so I fell down again, so I tried to just focus on being caught in the open without the distraction of my moms pussy.

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