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Plus youll recieve 25 cents per view. I thought this was some sort of contest for the most talented celebrities. Who knows what the hell this is, what its used for, who the hell is in charge, you say. Now can you do a trick that isnt from one of those TV shows. Joan demands, already beginning to fidget in her seat. What, did you want me to do a trick for you. You probably had that show in mind before we even saw any of those things. I think I can get one from the prop room. You slide the sheet over your head, but not before Joans confused stare. Well, why dont we start with the costume first. What you need to do is go into the costume room and search through the wardrobe until you find what you need. I mean, I could go into costume shop, find my own, wear it, make a quick getaway and go right back home. You start to say, but dont finish your statement as Joan grabs your arms and forces you to meet her eyes. You ask, a bit confused, but the look in Joans eyes makes it clear shes serious. You cant tell me you didnt just have a one-night stand and forgot all about it. Why couldnt you have even remembered if you were sleeping right. You said you were just having fun. Because, you say, we were having a threeway and you were going to be my girlfriend. Youre also the only one who could actually bring it up to my parents and get it legalized, not to mention youre the only one I have faith in enough to do it with, let alone to make it work with you. I could have gotten you pregnant without your knowledge, or with your knowledge, or with both.

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