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In-fact its a pretty difficult job to become famous in most entertainment, especially in the entertainment industry. You got the looks and personality for it, and Im sure you have an outlet for it, but theres not a single human being on this planet whose natural aptitude for something as useless and worthless as the guitar couldnt be better utilized. I saw what happened to that man that used his guitar to entertain with. He turned into a drunk, and a criminal with a hooker for a girlfriend. It happens when you dont use your natural talent. If thats what you want you could do far worse than use your artistic talent with the guitar. You could write a hit song for one of those movies that never gets made, or that gets made with your help. You could make a film about yourself if youre so inclined. Its all youve got, and its better than what you could do in our little society. You dont have time for that right now, as you want to see what these people want in exchange of their information. They want to see what you want in exchange of your information, which is why youre getting this far. You dont have much of a choice as many of them are obviously armed, ready to take you into custody. We meaning you and the men look at each other, and they look back at you, and then nod their heads in unison. Alright, since were on the same page then, we situate ourselves on the board here. You look at the map of the world, and see that the closest prison youre in any way close to is your current location. In fact you dont even live in a town, you live in the abandoned farmhouse of a family that has been in the property, and their basement, for the last 50-60 years. Ive been found not guilty of all charges, you reply. But you were found guilty of stealing. We dont know much about the real case, but what we do know is that you stole a television from a house on a certain street. I know that even if the case is closed, theres still going to be public outcry if all that time and money it took to make sure your life was a nice and honest one for that long and youre given a slap.

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