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We have been working on new content for a long time. Chapter 13 Beauty and the Beasts Manga as soon as she fell into the world of beast men, a leopard forcibly took her backd. Manga is a fan-made work by the characters of the Beast and Beauty that follows their daily lives online and offline. While no attempt is made to exploit any characters in a sexual manner. The characters are presented in a non-exploitative manner to provide a wholesome, fun, and enjoyable depiction of their online lives. The manga is a continuation of the Beast and Beauty stories, while in the novels the Beast and Beauty lived together for many months before the events of the game. Story:The story takes place online in a virtual world called the Etherian, and takes the characters back to their daily lives, including the girls themselves. S in love with the Beast, a powerful man called a Beartaker that has been online for a long time and who is constantly interacting with everyone he is with, even his virtual girlfriend. Meanwhile, her in love with Beauty, a young woman online called a Sciptah by everyone that she interacts with. She is a Beast and thus the most powerful player on the site, but is also the most popular and the sexiest girl with a body to die for. Together, they share the virtual world of The Etherian and their mutual love. However, their relationship is not a simple one, and the lives of both girls and the future of the online world is at risk. Art by: RikiAs the sun is setting and the streets start to get dark, you see two vehicles speeding through the alleyway behind you. You can tell that they are police cars because of the flashing lights and sirens going on in the distance. Then you notice something other than the police cars. Two bodies have been thrown into the gutter. One of them is a boy who appears to be no more than sixteen. The other one is lying face down, as if it was an accident. A young boy was raped, and then killed with his body thrown out into the alley during rush hour. Most crimes committed in a public alley like this are committed by a.

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