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So, are the aforementioned celebrities really doing a good job for the U. We dont have any statistics on the matter, but many people seem to think so. The following is a partial list of those in favor or against the idea in one way or another:In favor of the idea:The U. Government:They can do anything they want; I dont care if they try to invade me. – Robert LudlumIm in – Robert LudlumIm against. – Robert LudlumNah – Tom CruiseWhy. – Robert LudlumIn opposition to the idea:Nelsan Ellis:Who do we have to convince. – Nelsan EllisIm not giving a damn if they send in soldiers. – Nelsan EllisYou just said not just men, but guns and tanks too – Nelsan EllisYeah. – Robert LudlumNils Nielsen:The last time I checked, a group of Hollywood producers voted on our foreign policy – Nils NielsenIf we invaded the U. S, we wouldnt just get slaughtered. I just want to go to the beach, have a picnic, and have a nice time. – Robert LudlumIf its not murder, its mutiny, I tell ya. – Nils NielsenWell, then, I guess youll just have to tell us which way to go. You just cant beat a country that gets off its butt to enjoy the things we all take for granted. – Nils NielsenIn opposition to the idea:Nils Nielsen:Why shouldnt we leave the U. – Nils NielsenBecause YOURE the fucking United States of America. – Nils NielsenYou cant just go and invade countries; theyll just shoot you as soon as you reach the border. Ill just go around it and find a way to stay alive. – Robert LudlumAnd Im not listening to any of this. Im not going to take any of this any more. – Nils NielsenI dont think you should.

Post about Celebrities at the beach