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Year 30The masked man has no idea of your identity, but you know it is you. You wonder why he was chosen over others to appear on TV. And it was a good idea, until you started realizing that it was a bit too much. At the time, you were just a regular guy. You had a family, and you were making your living at it. You didnt need the added stress of a camera in the middle of the night. The masked singer is the latest of the masked mans creations. Youve played many roles, and youve been given many masks, but you refuse to play the masked singer, not even to get famous. Youve been in this game too damn long. The masked singer has no idea youre the real person. No sooner have you decided who to play, when the song is finished, you feel a great sadness. Thats the song you like the most, the song of your sister, your sister who died when you were only eight. Maybe, thats why you felt it was right to play it. You head out to your car, just as you promised to do, and you throw the mask on. While youre putting it on, a familiar voice calls your name. You open your door, and the masked man steps out, laughing. Heh, Im sorry for my sisters suicide, you answer. Im not surprised, the last thing I heard on the news was a massive bank robbery. Well, yeah, the masked man says casually. I got it at a flea market a few years ago, when my sister died. It was the one I wore at her wake, and I decided she should be honored. I think someone gave it to me as a token of my appreciation for her life. I dont think Ive ever seen a thrift shop at all, you say. Okay, okay, Im good, you say.

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