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Your choice are Samples You Want to Try You Have The Choice Of 2 Boxes. Your Order May Not Add To Your Current Order. You open the box and find a small and very neat bag of samples that look interesting to you, while you decide to save the rest of the sample bags for yourself to try later. This is a pretty sweet deal, especially the Beauty Samples Box. 18 for 6 samples is a fair amount of money to try the products, but it also means, you get the option of purchasing the Beauty Samples Box. So, if you decide you dont like the 6 included samples, you can still get 5 other samples from anywhere else. If you dont want to choose between the Beauty Samples Box or the Beauty Box you have some options. You can only order the Beauty Box if you are also taking advantage of the free shipping. So as much as you want to get the Beauty Samples Box, you cant. You can also take advantage of this deal again, but with free shipping being offered only in the USA, CanadaMexico, and the UK. You would need to be a global citizen to take advantage of the Beauty Samples Box. You can only take advantage of this deal if you are also taking advantage of the Beauty Box. For the people that dont want to choose between the Beauty Box and the Beauty Sample Box, you can still take advantage of this deal.

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