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The truth is, I still havent received a Beauty Box. I have been soooo impatient, that I am now in a box-less rut. So why am I telling you all this. One: I want to spread the word about the joys of a monthly subscription box, when you dont have access to a salon. The best part about a beauty box is how affordable they are. Two: I want to inform you that subscription boxes can work with you, and your budget. As part of my ongoing love of indie brands, Im going to be sending you a brand-new box each month. I want you to make the choice of which box you want to receive. Monthly emails from indie brands about new products being released. Reviews of new indie beauty products by me. The first box will have a curated selection of indie beauty products from the finest indie brands around. The second box will have a monthly email from indie brands about new products being released. The third box will have reviews of new indie beauty products by me. Indie brands get a little overwhelmed with emails and dont have a ton of time to look at everything sent out, so their products are often a bit limited. Im a HUGE indie brand fan, so Ill review and send you products that indie brands should be getting. Ill also have a link to my brands website where you can find out more. Im excited to bring this shop to life too. Ive worked long and hard on creating my shop and putting it online, nows the perfect time to take it to the next level. My prices are flexible, dependent on the type of box, monthly or one time purchase, and the number of boxes you purchase. I ask for your email address to signup and you can choose the box thats right for you. After that youll be billed for the months that box is included in. Do you offer discounts on my boxes. Yes, I offer a wide variety of discounts on the purchase of a monthly box. Just look for the big box in the monthly box section. Please feel free to contact me at masked with any questions.

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