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All the good moments are over for her right. In between the good moments and the bad ones she was 5 feet,1short moments she was 5-feet,3and the bad ones she was 5-feet,2 inchesShrimpys Mom Was a Sex Symbol Who Wasnt Even a Short Actress Like Her DaughterAs for my mother, when I was a child, she worked as a housewife. This, of course, was a bit of a shock to my father, who thought I was a housekeeper girl like my sister Later, when I did graduate from high school and attend college, I was able to become an actress. The only difference between me and my mother is that I was a bit taller and prettier than my older sister, so I was able to work in the film industry. Her height was probably a contributing factor to how much of a sex symbol she was. My mother was short, so I imagine a short woman with a voluptuous figure who was a sex symbol must have seemed pretty to some teenage boys in the area at the time. She was not only a sex symbol, but it seems like she was just another typical family with ordinary life. In truth, they were all pretty ordinary. But then again, you could still have a short person in a family that was ordinary, so I suppose thats what it all boiled down to. Still, my mother was not alone in being a sex symbol. If anything I think short women used to be somewhat more desired than their over-sexed-up taller counterparts. So that made it all the more strange when my mother fell in love with someone who was several inches taller than her. The world of Hollywood will always be full of those who are different than the rest. As for me, Im just happy that at least I wasnt the tallest celebrity. If I had been the shortest, I would have been reduced to the role of a minor character in a low budget film because no one would have paid attention to me anyway. I think that was the least of my problems when I was on screen for so long. Id tell ya, that was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. I did so much drugs and drank so much, its almost funny now, except that being short was a common theme in my life and since I was so short, I was always the butt of the jokes.

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