Days after Trump was elected, Dunham said she would not be heading …

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My fingers will beslingingMy name is John, and I am John here is for a quick update on Trump. The first few days after the election, I thought Trump was going to be very different than he seemed to be. I thought he would be a nice, nice man, but instead he seems like a racist, misogynistic, bigoted, abusive, narcissistic, self serving egomaniacal moron who thinks he can make America great again, and it isnt going to be made any better by him in any way. Now if you are a Republican and you are sitting on the fence, you can either stay on the fence or you can support Trump and get out of this mess, and I am going to tell you a quick story about what Trump has done and is doing in a positive manner and what a terrible and disgusting person Hillary Clinton is. Trump has not only brought jobs back to the U. S but has also brought back manufacturing jobs to the U. People are not only getting a paycheck, but getting a paycheck that they would have never gotten had she been elected. The media is trying to say that Trump is an egomaniac, even though he is not, he is just saying things that he believes. I am telling you, she is a worse one than Trump because she does not think things through, she does not listen, she does not try to learn, she does not learn anything, she has a thin skin, she cannot take criticism, and she is very easily irritated. I know what it is like to have an egomaniac like that at the top of an organization, but it isnt going to happen with me. I want to do things the right way and I dont want to have to put up with people being egotistical and not listening to reason. He thinks about the things that matter to the rest of the world and then he talks about them to the rest of the world. I have already said that I dont care what other countries think about me, I want to win. At the most fundamental level, it means that I am going to do things the same way whether they are going to be popular or not. And it doesnt matter whether people agree with me on every single issue, nor does it matter if I win or lose. I am really looking forward to doing all that we have to do to make America great again.

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