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T want to be around right now, I want to stay with my family and my sister and my mom is crying. While this is obviously making you feel rather uncomfortable you decide not to say anything else. When you exit your room though you find yourself in front of a rather weird looking door. T know what I was expecting, but this thing looks incredibly fucking old. T quite make out what is being said. T want to interrupt someone else who is trying to write something down which is what you suppose would constitute as stealing anyway. So you write it all in a notebook and take a good look at the door yourself before opening it up. Cor and you half expected the walls to be covered in skulls or something equally as gruesome. Then a light comes on and the door swings open. M Suzy and I just moved into the house not too long ago. M here to see my sister Donna. Hmm, not a bad ass looking girl. And before you even ask, no, there will be no rape. T kill you, but I just want to talk to her. You need to stop putting strangers on a pedestal and go talk to the girl on your floor. T even know you had one like you were always thinking you were so much cooler than everyone. M not here to put anyone on a pedestal, and neither are you.

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