David Campbell, composer, A Scientologist is an adherent of the doctrines and beliefs …

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The article is a photo album of David Campbell with other famous Scientologists. You can receive information about David Campbell and his art through the Internet. David Campbell, The Coffee Pot and The Crab Man. Image copyright Reuters Image caption China has become the largest energy consumer in the worldChina has announced a cut in its 2020 renewable energy target to 23 from the previously stated 30. Experts have long feared that China will not meet this target, and this decision will be seen as an attempt to get around it. The UK was part of the 20 target, but has now said it will remain below that figure. The UN says the shift away from renewable energy will threaten worlds climate in the next decade. The World Banks annual energy finance report has predicted that the cost of investing in new wind farms, for example, will double in the next decade, and it expects the amount of coal used in the worlds power plants to increase by half. China has become the largest energy consumer in the world. Its demand for fossil fuel resources has pushed coal and gas prices up, and so their use in its electricity generation has been reduced. The impact has not been immediate on the prices paid to coal miners and steel mills, but it is a problem – as have the rising energy costs and pollution from the use of coal for electricity generation. In fact coal and gas prices have already risen this year by more than 10 as the Chinese economy slows down, according to the analysts at HSBC, the Financial Times reports. The UK has been a key supporter of the renewable energy target – which was introduced by the then Labour government – and as it has come under increasing pressure, it has backed down and agreed to the 2030 target. As the UK government has said it will remain below that target, and as the government in Brussels has said it will cut the target, the question is whether Chinas decision will make it so much less attractive to invest in renewable energy that the sector is doomed to fail. 80bn, this year – nearly one-fifth of global investment in renewables. The main reason for this shift is Chinas desire to reduce the cost of its own energy use. The countrys coal sector has been suffering from the countrys economic slowdown and the fall in oil prices.

This article about Famous celebrities in scientology