Dancing on Ice’s biggest bust-ups including Gemma Collins feud with judge Jason

Dancing on Ice is back Sunday with a whole new roster of celebrities stepping up to the ice rink to battle it out in an attempt to win the series and avoid any serious mishaps along the way.

As viewers tune in to catch the 2022 line-up — which includes Love Island star Liberty Poole, Ben Foden, S Club 7's Rachel Stevens and many more —they’re sure to be entertained by the routines (good or bad) and maybe something a little extra.

Dancing on Ice has had quite a few arguments spark up in past years, due to simmering tensions between contestants, professional partners, judges and even stars off screen — leaving a rather awkward atmosphere in the air.

Here is a breakdown of some of those intense moments that remain just as iconic as the routines and celebrities that have featured on the ITV reality competition:

Megan Barton-Hanson hitting out at Vanessa Bauer

When Wes Nelson participated in the 2019 series of Dancing on Ice, he was attached to fellow Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson, who was strongly unimpressed with his skating partner Vanessa Bauer at the beginning of the series.

After the professional announced she had broken up with her boyfriend Louis Nathaniel before the first live show, Megan saw this as a tactful move from Vanessa in a bid to get closer to her boyfriend Wes.

She said on Instagram: “Love that you decide to announce your breakup with your boyfriend on the night of your 1st performance with my boyfriend!

"You've never reached out to me once or invited me to watch you train, it pained you to introduce yourself to me last night you didn't even look me in the eye.

“Hope the tactical breakup got you the headlines you wanted babe."

While Vanessa didn’t respond verbally, she thanked her fans for their support following the online attack from Megan and the pair eventually patched their issues up, Wes revealed on Heart Radio.

"It’s a lot of pressure for Megs. It’s concluded. They’ve spoken to each other. They’re happy,” Wes said.

Megan later admitted her regret for her Instagram post about Vanessa, insisting to fans she wished she hadn't shared the message online.

Gemma Collins' snapback at judge Jason Gardiner

Gemma Collins got into a nasty exchange with former judge on the ITV show, Jason Gardiner, after the snappy critic likened her to Anna Nicole Smith instead of Marilyn Monroe following her skating performance to Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

The offended TOWIE star had a gripe to pick with Jason in addition to his harsh comments and took the opportunity whilst receiving this insult to confront the ex judge live in front of audiences.

"Can I just say one thing? Maybe if you didn't sell stories on me, I wouldn't be so upset this week – so take that,” Gemma said and added in response to his comparison: "Boring – next!"

Jason, appearing shocked at her outburst, referred to Gemma as a "brat”, to which she shouted repeatedly: "Don't sell stories on me!"

The reality star later accused the 50 year old of bullying her on Instagram and stated that she wouldn’t stand for it, while Jason denied selling stories on her, despite The Sun reporting that he did take an interview with them.

When news broke that the panellist had been axed from the ITV show the next year, Gemma showed her delight on Instagram as she told her followers that viewers wouldn’t miss him.

Caprice's fallout with pro Hamish Gaman

Caprice was mysteriously absent for a week whilst competing on the 2020 series of Dancing on Ice, sparking rumours that she had not been getting along with original skating partner on the show Hamish Gaman.

Host Holly Willoughby eventually confirmed that the pair had “parted ways” to the surprise of viewers and hoped Caprice would return to the show the following week.

The 50 year old did come back and continued on in the series skating with professional Oscar Peter in replacement of Hamish after a source claimed she’d felt “ignored” and “too afraid too speak” during training with her ex partner.

This contradicts reports that Caprice had been accused of being mean to Hamish in front of cast and crew, as another source told The Sun at the time that the skater had been “left upset” at her behaviour and described her as a “diva”.

Hamish later took to Instagram to inform followers that he was “not okay” following the disaster pairing.

"Honestly, I’m not okay, but I’m comforted knowing the truth always comes out in the end, and I hope we can focus on the skating again now,” he said.

Denise Welch's ex husband's argument with Jason

The most confronting episode aired on Dancing on Ice involved axed judge Jason, to no surprise, as he found himself in a closer exchange with contestant Denise Welch’s now ex husband Tim Healy than he had hoped.

Jason gave the Loose Women panellist a cruel critique following one of her performances in 2011 which was — unluckily for him — watched by her spouse at the time, Tim, live in the audience.

“You are better at the slower stuff – but I would like to say it was a little bit like watching two people play Twister,” the ex judge commented to Denise.

"It was like Matt did a position then he assisted you into another position, there was no flow."

After hearing his harsh words, a peeved Tim headed down to the stage and stood over Jason as he defended his now ex wife.

“She’s 52 and she’s got four jobs! How many jobs have you got, eh?” He retorted as Jason motioned that his breath stank, before Denise pleaded with him to stop.

Jason reacted to the confrontation on Twitter, saying: “Those who think I was rude to Tim Healy can shove it. He got in my face with breath that smelt of stale p**s and alcohol whilst I was talking.

"I'm not perfect but at least I have oral hygiene… is it too much to ask for him to clean his teeth?”

Kem Cetinay's callout of Gemma's unprofessionalism

In another rift involving Gemma on the ITV series, fellow contestant at the time Kem Cetinay accused the 40 year old of being unprofessional after he recalled that she took naps during dress rehearsals and went “missing” several times.

"Obviously Gemma wasn’t performing this week, she wasn’t doing her routine but as always she had the headlines as per usual,” Kem spoke on This Morning.

"We did the group routine rehearsals before – she was having a nap, she wasn’t there.

"I thought she might have learned from her mistake but we went into the live show and the last quarter of the show she went missing.”

Kem went on to reveal that he wasn’t surprised Gemma eventually left early as she spoke about being “bored” behind the scenes.

A source close to the reality star told Metro.co.uk that Gemma was “left upset” by Kem’s comments as she thought they were good friends, and felt “singled out" from his interview.

After hearing this, Kem apologised to Gemma and the pair managed to settle their differences and get on with the show.

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