Dan Walker hits back after viewer brands BBC shameful for making presenter apologise

BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker and Sally Nugent open the show

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Dan Walker, 44, found himself at the centre of controversy earlier this week when he apologised after a guest swore on BBC Breakfast. The host had been discussing the Ukraine crisis with Ukrainian singer Maria Burmaka when she dropped the F-bomb condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

After the programme, Dan’s name became a trend on Twitter with viewers divided over his reaction to the swear word.

Some blasted Dan’s lack of “sensitivity” while others defended him, saying he “couldn’t have been kinder”.

Twitter user JayneMcCubbinTV shared her outrage as she found out the reason the broadcaster’s name was trending.

She tweeted: “This is so sad. Dan trending bc ppl have jumped on bandwagon to moan abt something they surely didn’t see. Bc if they had seen they’d know he spoke to her sensitively with compassion & the 1st words from his mouth were ‘I totally understand your emotion’ *sigh*

“He didn’t shut her down. He simply acknowledged her rightful anger, made a gentle apology to viewers but not on her behalf. He couldn’t have been kinder.” (sic)

Dan replied to the tweets, thanking the viewer for her support as he clarified that he had to stick to the Ofcom rules.

He wrote: “Thanks Jayne. I’m not sure if many of those complaining actually watched it.

“I tried to be as gentle, caring & understanding as possible but follow the Ofcom rules at the same time.”

However, Dan’s explanation did not seem to appease some critics, with one Twitter users hitting out at the BBC over the broadcasting rules.

Petethegull said: “Just said elswhere that the BBC should hang their heads if they made you apologise for that, didn’t see live but I bet the nation that did rose as one and applauded as I would have done. Shameful.” (sic)

Dan responded to the criticism urging the social media user to watch the show.

He typed: “Before telling me it’s shameful Pete… why don’t you watch it and see how we handled it? Thanks.”

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Wednesday’s instalment of the morning show saw the 51-year-old singer-songwriter, who lives in Kyiv, fiercely denounce Putin’s actions.

Maria said: “I used to sometimes sing in Russian, but after this, never. I can sing some songs in English”

After singing a segment, she added: “We can’t avoid our enemies, we confront them and I am not running from my native city because this is my home and I want to be here in the heart of Kyiv and sing for my people.

“Maybe I will sing our national anthem again from this window and I want to say to Putin you’re a murderer, you’re an aggressor.

“Ukraine has never been against Russia, many Russian singers and Russian sportsmen were in Kyiv.”

She continued: “Like our soldiers say, f**k you.”

Dan interrupted: “Maria, I understand the depth of feeling but I have to apologise to our viewers.”

Maria then realised what she had said, put her hands over her mouth and thanked the presenters for being on the show.

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