Dan Walker considering leaving all current jobs for new show amid BBC Breakfast absence

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Storm Eunice has seen record-breaking 122mph winds sweep the UK – the highest speed Britain has ever recorded – and BBC Breakfast star Dan Walker wanted in on the action. Joking that he’d be willing to sacrifice his current role and move full-time onto Big Jet TV, Dan tweeted suggesting he’d like to try his hand at storm-related broadcasting.

I am considering leaving all current jobs and applying for a gig at Big Jet TV

Dan Walker

The BBC presenter is currently on holiday with his wife and three children in Rome but, even as he shared his travels in the Pantheon, the Vatican and the Colosseum, he remained firmly focused on the UK thanks to the coverage from Big Jet TV.

The channel’s live stream has been featuring the nerve-wracking efforts of aircrafts trying to land at London’s Heathrow Airport in spite of being gripped by Storm Eunice.

Fascinated by the video footage, Dan tweeted to his followers: ” I am considering leaving all current jobs and applying for a gig at Big Jet TV.”

He was one of many viewers who tuned in to see the pilots grappling with the extreme wind conditions across the capital – and much of the country.

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London has been on a red weather warning for the first time in the past decade – and the carnage has had many glued to their TV screens.

Maternity wards and A&E departments also tuned in.

Meanwhile, after Dan embedded one of the channel’s videos on Twitter, it received a monumental 2.6 million views.

@Monkeynutz75 replied to his tweet, marvelling: “That pilot must have had nerves of steel! Legend!”

@SpitfireIX merely seemed surprised that Dan hadn’t got in on the viewing earlier, stating: “Blimey where have you been…I’ve been watching it for well over a year .. but you stick a bit of windy ‘jeopardy’ into it and suddenly the ‘celebs’ are all over it and it’s retweeted everywhere!”

@DeniseM44207998 replied: “Absolute respect to the Airline Pilots in these challenging conditions but Mr Jerry Dyer the man is a legend.”

@Jennife34663378 added: “If you listen very carefully you can hear the passengers clapping.


“[Applause for] the skills of the pilots and sighing with relief on safely landing.

“Big [love] to all the aircrews out there today getting people to where they need to be in one piece.”

@cowshie2 advised Dan that the job would pose its own risks, stating: “[You want to do it] until you see the brave guy standing on top of the transit van on the A40 filming this! He does a great job but I was concerned for him today!”

Meanwhile, other celebrities were equally enthralled by the pilots’ manoeuvres.

Writer Caitlin Moran enthused: “Am now totally addicted to ‘Big Jet TV’ – a man with a camera standing in a field outside Heathrow, filming and commentating as planes try to land in the storm.”

She added: “I have a massive fear of flying. Weirdly, watching @BigJetTVLIVE is making it better. I guess it’s seeing the regularity of planes landing safely x.”

Finally, Dan’s fellow sports broadcaster Clive Tyldesley joked: “Big Jet TV may be the end of football.”

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