Dan Stevens may have been an unruly child, but he still …

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Unfortunately, you get the runaround when you try to purchase your tickets, but you have been told you can pick them up at a box office location in the near future. The show is still in full swing and you and Dan both get a little rowdy even though youve been warned at least twice about the consequences. You dont know what exactly is going to happen, but it probably isnt good. You go to the back of the theatre and try to escapeYouve already seen what happens with the carnies. Youve already seen what happens with the humans, that was even worse. You know your luck isnt going to change now. Youve got one shot at a new life in this world and you have to make the most of it. You dont want to do it, but the opportunity is here and youll take it, no ifs nos. Just you not getting hurt is the least of your worries when you look around and find yourself standing in the foyer of your old home. The hallway you were in is now gone and only a short hallway is in the front of the house. You can only assume the voice is coming from the kitchen. You try to get up, but you can hardly move. You feel like you might fall over, but somehow you manage to stand. You manage to get some courage up and you start to make your way towards the kitchen. As soon as you walk in, you dont even have time to run for your life when you sense a horrible presence that comes from a shadowed corner of the kitchen. You barely manage to avoid being swallowed whole by shadow. The pain is incredible and you start to feel drained. A head pops out of the shadows, its creepy in the best possible way. Its also the one that turned you into a beast. The thing that comes out from the darkness is the thing that turned you into a beast. He was going to give you pills to stay safe. Dan grabs you by your collar and tells you to stay back, but the hellhound barely misses you and latches onto your legs. It starts to growl and you feel a sharp pain in your neck. You try to bite the thing, but its teeth are too pointy and you struggle, but youre no match for the hellhound and it starts to tear off chunks of your body and devour them. While youre getting eaten whole, the hellhound bites you in the thigh and nearly chases you out of the house into the yard where Dan is getting ready to shoot the hellhound.

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