DaBabys Artist Stunna 4 Vegas Denies Kayykilos Claim He Puts Gun on Her Head

While the ‘Up the Smoke’ rhymer insists that he would never harm any women, his former label mate insinuates that she has receipts of the alleged incident.

AceShowbizStunna 4 Vegas has spoken up to clear his name after he was accused of threatening fellow hip-hop star Kayykilo with a gun. Shortly after the female rapper came up with the serious allegation, DaBaby‘s artist took to Instagram Live to address the story.

Stunna, whose real name is Khalick Antonio Caldwell, turned on the livestream while he’s eating in what looks like a car. In between munching his meal, he denied that he ever pulled a gun out on Kayykilo as she claimed.

“I put all black women before anything,” the “Animal” emcee said in the video, adding, “I will never harm none of black women. Not the righteous ones. Not the dirty ones.” He went on insisting, “I would not harm none of them,” because he said that his mother would beat him up.

Stunna said he would never use things like this to gain clout and wanted people to solely focus on his music, but wouldn’t remain silent on this matter. “But I will speak up. This s**t ain’t it,” he stressed.

The 26-year-old seemingly accused Kayykilo of lying, pointing out another instance “last year” during which she allegedly said something that didn’t happen. “I feel bad for whatever she’s going through,” he said of his ex-label mate. “God, please help this woman. Please let me out of the mix, man. I will never harm no female, I swear to God.”

Previously in her own social media video, Kayykilo claimed that Stunna put a gun on her head in front of her daughter in defense of his girlfriend Monaleo. “He cocks the gun and points it at me,” she said on Wednesday, July 13 while fixing her fair.

Seemingly insisting that she has the receipts, she then posted, “I got s**t to prove,” along with pictures of her posing in a pink crop top and short shorts with purple hair.

Kayykilo was signed to DaBaby’s label Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, but they had a fallout after DaBaby allegedly belittled her. “My first Rolling Loud, maybe an hour or two before I went on stage, I was told that I was an ain’t s**t artist. I was told that I don’t work hard enough and that I’m not good enough,” she said in the same live session.

Earlier this year, she also claimed her label mates pulled guns out on her. “Clearly not that’s why I have label mates pulling guns on me & everything else,” she tweeted in April, when one fan seemingly defended her, “Idky they f**king hate on her so hard..like geez… everyone can shine.”

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