DaBaby Claims Self-Defense After Bowling Alley Beatdown

DaBaby has an interesting explanation for why he and his friends beat the crap out of his baby mama’s brother … in his mind, he thinks he needed to protect himself.

The rapper was on hand Friday night to attend Kanye‘s documentary screening in L.A. — and while showing off his duds and his matching ride to paps … we obviously had to ask about the bowling alley brawl from earlier in the week.

Our camera guy fires away, trying to get DaBaby’s side of things … and wouldn’t you know it, he claimed self-defense! There’s a bit more to the story, apparently, from DB’s POV — he alleges DaniLeigh‘s bro, Brandon Bills, was running around “threatening people.”

Of course, even if that’s true … it makes one wonder if DaBaby and his crew’s response was warranted — namely, ganging up on the dude and pulverizing him on an open lane.

As we told you, DaBaby and co. are banned from the joint … but, more importantly, they’re also under criminal investigation with L.A. authorities — something DB doesn’t seem to be sweating one bit.

When we asked if DaBaby would consider fighting Brandon one-on-one — like he’d openly requested a few months ago in the wake of the nasty argument between his sis and her BD — DaBaby didn’t respond … but he did talk when we asked about his future bowling plans.

Sounds like he’s gonna have to take up a new hobby, or at the very least … look for strikes elsewhere.

To be continued, we’re sure …

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