DaBaby Accused of Playing Victim After He Responds to DaniLeighs Interview and New Diss Song

Fans defend the ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ songstress after her baby daddy accuses her of stalking his other baby mama and claims that it’s affected his relationship with their daughter.

AceShowbiz -Social media users aren’t here for DaBaby‘s explanation about his behavior towards DaniLeigh during their relationship. Following the R&B singer’s interview in which she described her tumultuous relationship with the rapper, he clapped back and called her “toxic.”

On Tuesday, May 10, DaBaby hopped on his Instagram Story to share his take on their relationship. “I feel like you waited too late. I told you back in December that you should capitalize on the situation,” he said of Dani’s new song aimed at him.

“I feel like that’s a bad move,” the Grammy Award-winning artist added, while sitting in his car. He also came for DefJam records, saying it was “a green move” that the label dropped the song on the same day she dropped the interview.

The “Suge” spitter went on accusing Dani of stalking his other baby mama. “I feel like you should tell them, folks, the real reason why I put you out. It’s ’cause you were stalking my other baby mama, and that s**t was affecting, you know, the relationship with my princess, my big girl,” so he claimed.

But social media users are taking Dani’s side. Defending the “Yellow Bone” songstress, one person alleged that DaBaby is “playing victim” with his claims. “She the toxic one? Oh nahhh he playing victim now LMFAOOOOO,” the Instagram user said.

“He has the nerve to call somebody else toxic,” another person said. A third fan claimed, “Not he trying to manipulate her because she drop a song and a interview.” A fourth one alleged, “He is so sad. It’s giving no one ever told me I was important growing up so I try to manipulate folks into loving me.”

“She should be able to speak on it whenever she’s ready .. f**k what he saying,” another fan of Dani weighed in, while another said of DaBaby, “He really just tried to make this positive interview into something negative.”

In the interview, Dani opened up to Angie Martinez about her fractured relationship with DaBaby, after he called cops on her and kicked her out of the house in November 2021. The two’s argument was filmed by DaBaby and aired on his Instagram Live, in which he called her a “side b***h.”

“It was very triggering, very sad,” the 27-year-old star said of the fight. “I wish it didn’t happen because I don’t want my baby to see that later on in life.”

“During that time, I definitely wasn’t his side piece, and he knows that too,” she clarified. “It was very selfish, being that I just had our baby.” When asked about his lack of apology, she responded, “He’s just like that.”

Dani followed up the interview with her new song “Dead to Me”, in which she calls him out for his “toxic energy” and cheating. “I ain’t got no more time for toxic energy,” she sings, before bringing up her brother’s bowling alley altercation with DaBaby. “Momma never liked you’re a**/ Brother wanna fight you’re a**/ Daddy hate your trifllin’ a**/ My dog even wanna bite you’re a**.”

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