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Im not even going to pretend to know what caused this, so please dont blame me. I cant let all this hate, fear, and bigotry prevent people from getting jobs. You continue to work at the restaurant and pretend nothing happenedYou cant let them get away with blaming you, or blaming the community, or blaming you personally. Especially when so much hate is being expressed. You have to stand up for yourself, Youre always going to be a woman, but at least youre trying to do something constructive about this issue, and say that these arent true concerns, that all these lies are being spread about you. You dont actually think these people are really going to try to hire you anyway, so its not like youre risking your life. You dont actually think the owner is going to do anything, so you continue to work there and just try to keep your good reputation even with the hate, the jokes, and all the other negative things being said about you by customers. The next day, you get called into your boss office. Im going to quit the restaurant and try to start my own business. He says as he takes a sip of his coffee. Well, if you know something about this job, is there really anything for me to do here. You say, Youre only here because you like helping people. There are a lot of other people in this business who want to go out of business, even if it is for whatever reason they need to. Why do you think they keep doing what theyre doing. Well, part of the reason is so their secrets are safe. With that statement that he didnt quite believe, but he didnt want you to walk away from that statement. So you tried to prove to him that there are people in this business who are keeping their businesses running as well as they are, just by trying to do your job. Okay then, but you know your new boss is going to give you a hard time. Do you know what I want to find a job that offers more responsibilities. Yeah, but-Do you think we should actually do some of those things. You smile to yourself and tell your boss that hes really going to give him a tough time on all this.

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