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Her color is Cure Beauty: Light Blue Her hair is. You tell the girl youve been talking to that your name is Keira and say Hey, Keira. You say and then suddenly it hits you and you burst into tears. Mostly because she has no male figure in her life or friends, which is probably one of the main reasons why she wanted to see you. Instead she was happy to just see you and for a while it seemed okay. M just so emotional talking to you like this.

As Cure Beauty, Alicia has light brown hair draped across her head, with two long strands held with red barrettes framing the sides of her face. The two women are about to go into the stairway of this building when the three-headed monster comes for they are. The large man looks at them with an angry face, and a pair of sharp, blood-shot eyes stare at them. A large man in a robe, with a pair of sharp, blood-shot eyes stare at them. The large man in a robe stares at them with a sharp, blood-shot eye, and a pair of blood-shot eyes.

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