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You leave the cult, or you stop the cult. The Cult of Beauty had lost its hold on you. You could not abide the idea that beauty was an illusion. There was no Beauty in your life anymore. Instead, you were starting to seek out the truth about this thing called Beauty. You were also starting to look at the Cult as your enemy. There was no way that beauty could be real, theres only illusion. Theres no way that it could be perfectly created by the weaver of illusions. You didnt want to be part of an organization that sought to manipulate people in that way. You realized the Cult was right in that they were trying to create perfection but it was also misguided, not just by creating Beauty, but by creating perfection for themselves. And so, one day you decide to leave that place. You thought you had seen enough. For a time you tried to live a normal life, but then, you noticed that something was missing, the beauty that you had once been seeking. You wanted to recreate that magical world you once knew. That was why you were searching for the answers that you couldnt find in the Cult of Beauty. But you didnt want to recreate that world forever, so you decided to leave that place once and for all. Now you have joined the company known as the Cult of the New. The New is a place where the highest form of human expression meets the highest level of creativity. With that, you join the new cult, the New in a world of the Cult of Beauty. You The New WorldYou live in a house in the city. Your apartment is a small room attached to another door that opens into a stairwell. You can hear the sounds of people and nature and the noises of the city. It also happens to be the only place you feel secure and comfortable. Where you work with a rather large group of coworkers. Is a place that helps people connect to each other. They have a wide variety of programs that allow a user to talk to each other over the Internet. There are hundreds of programs running on hundreds of computers, each one of them connected to the Internet.

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