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You say and then put your ear against the window. You hear very faint sounds coming from outside. You keep your mind on the outside noise until you see lights come from the other side of the street. Re definitely out numbered by you and that firework you heard earlier. You just hope you got the right one. You fire your weapon and the fireworks do indeed hit one of the people inside. You then see this:You scream and run through the road. The fireworks hit the truck and then explode after you. You then hear a gunshot followed by a much lower pitched sound. The little one is bleeding from his nose and his friend is running away. You stop your vehicle and get out of the truck. You then realize that you left your pistol in the truck. D you do, kill a kid and get run over. You then think about all the other kids you just hit when you were shooting the fireworks. S happening all over town, not just in your direction. You run to the side of the road where you see a trailer with a broken screen on the front door. Ve better get inside as soon as possible without being noticed. You climb up on top of the trailer and peek through the broken screen. S a bunch of little children, and one adult, inside the trailer, so you creep them out a bit first. With your gun trained on them, you tell the adults not to move and when they start to get anxious, you open fire.

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