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Weve already been in contact about an alliance, but theres more you need to know about us. They have the most experienced pilots who have been fighting since the games inception. You have the second-most experienced pilots and have been waging a war of attrition against the ECS for the past 6 years. Not only will they use this information to improve the way they conduct their operations, but they will create new tactics, strategies, and strategies of how to take bases and kill pilots. There are rumors of a secret ECS base in Veridian, but the ECS does not wish to reveal its location to the highest bidder like other factions do. The ECS have been working on their own fleet, the Empire as it is sometimes called. Theyre slowly trying to gain control over more of Veridian and their influence is becoming stronger as the war drags on. The ECS are getting desperate and are willing to give anything to stop us from taking their Veridian base. Theyre also willing to ally with anyone for protection from a potential future attack from us. As an alliance against the ECS youre now our top priority. The war beginsYou all get into warp to meet the ECS fleet. You warp in to meet the ECS fleetThe ECS fleet is large, in fact its bigger than youve been fighting against. They have 3 Titans and as good as you are at warping in to meet a fleet, youre not going to be able to do it here. The three Titans are coming out of warp towards you, but youre already warped into warp to the cyno and in cloak. The Titans are also warping to meet you and you can tell theyre not going to be able to do the same. You fire on the ECS fleet from the cynoYou fire on the ECS fleet from the cyno. They warp in to engage you, while you fire on the Titans from your position. The Titans fail to do any real damage to you, but youre still taking damage and your cloak fails you as you take more damage from incoming missiles and artillery from the Titans. The Titan pilots begin to fire on you as well, even though they cant hit you.

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